Run for Research

On Feb. 28, World Rare Disease Day, Noah Coughlan, 27, of Vacaville, Calif., began a 2,400 mile run across the southern United States to raise awareness of Batten disease, a rare, fatal disorder that affects children.

Coughlan will travel from Oceanside, Calif., to Jacksonville, Fla., averaging 25 to 30 miles on foot per day with a support vehicle close behind. Cities on the route include Phoenix, Ariz., Dallas, Tex., New Orleans, LA (Northshore area), Mobile, Ala., and Tallahassee, Fla. Coughlan is projected to reach Jacksonville on July 9.

“When I first got the idea for the run, I thought it was crazy,” said Coughlan. “But, the more I thought about the good that it could do for these children and their families, the more I wanted to turn the idea into a reality – to run for children who will never have the chance to run.”
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