With today's research, technology and the hard work and dedication of researchers at Cornell University in New York, for the first time, there is a cure in sight! The FDA has approved safety for a procedure called Gene Therapy. This treatment has proven to stop the progression of the disease and in some cases has shown children regaining function they have lost. The team at Cornell has been approved for funding through the NINDS (National Institute for Neurology Disease and Strokes). The funding will take up to 1 year to receive. Mary Payton and other children like her do not have 1 year, the disease progresses too quickly. Once a child reaches a certain point of regression, they are no longer qualified for treatment. The researchers have agreed to provide treatment for these children when private funds can be raised! MPMF doesn’t have all of the funding necessary. This is where we need your help. The cost of treatment is approximately 2.5 million dollars to treat 5 desperate children. Cornell had agreed that this fee can been paid over a period of a few years, but we will need $500,000 in the next few weeks for a down payment. We are racing against the clock to raise this money seeing that the loss of function in these children happens so quickly. This is what we have been waiting for. A cure is finally in sight!

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